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Our History

Cold Planet Technologies, Inc., an Illinois "C" corporation based in Washington, DC, was founded by Donald M. Berlin in 1977. Cold Planet Technologies, Inc. started its operations as a general investigations firm for attorneys specializing in complex federal litigation and commercial transactions.

Cold Planet Technologies, Inc. provides computerized on-line database investigations and intelligence analysis as an authorized subscriber to a worldwide network of computerized databases. Each one has millions of files, and Cold Planet Technologies, Inc. subscribes to over 9,000 information sources worldwide.

Cold Planet Technologies, Inc. is able to obtain in-depth background information on people, organizations, institutions, and corporations for licensed attorneys, law firms and multinational corporations. Cold Planet Technologies, Inc. currently offers its services only to these individuals and entities.

Special emphasis is placed on:

  • International corporate due diligence inquiries
  • Complex litigation management and strategy services
  • Venture capital and banking due diligence in 122 countries
  • Tracing of assets; banking, financial and credit investigations
  • Estate preservation searches conducted for trustees
  • Pre-employment background searches on high-level executives

Cold Planet Technologies, Inc.'s management team includes experts in litigation management and administration with 20 years experience in:

  • Intelligence gathering
  • Data interpretations
  • Criminal investigations
  • Psychology
  • Management-sciences
  • U.S. Foreign Service
  • Overseas investigations
  • Risk analysis

These specialists have worked on matters for attorneys throughout the world as expert witnesses in complex federal and state litigation.

Cold Planet Technologies, Inc. is able to evaluate large volumes of raw data for well- defined purposes. Our extensive technical expertise, combined with a proprietary artificial intelligence software created by in-house programmers, allows us to sift through millions of pieces of data. We ferret out essential data for easy review by our clients.

In short, we don't waste our client's time, or their client's money. For more information, please visit Cold Planet Technologies, Inc.'s Corporate Philosophy, or our Terms and Conditions.

Cold Planet Technologies, Inc.

105 E Street SE., Washington DC 20003
Phone: (202) 543-2530  Fax: (202) 318-8081
E-mail: dberlin@coldplanettechnologies.com

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