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Click to view the sample reportWelcome to ColdChek™ the most robust banking, financial, credit and asset-based database that is commercially available today. ColdChek™ is not a credit report or based upon legacy data. Rather, it is intended for those consumers that want a much deeper and wider probe of a person’s personal, financial, banking, and asset background history and current day status. Each report starts with a Data Mapping Matrix that summarizes of the report. 14 different categories of information is provided, using over 1200 sources of data in the United States alone.

The results are instantly available to you and can be returned to any secure database connection in the world. When the results are available, you may download the results into a secure, double-password protected .pdf document.

Below is a summary of the Index for each search:

ColdChek™ is based upon Restricted Access data and all end users must have “explicit consent” from any person that you conduct a search upon. “Explicit Consent” means a written release that is signed by the consumer giving you permission to conduct a search under FCRA, DPPA, GLB, and Sarbanes-Oxley, as all of these Statues apply to information that is contained in the ColdChek™ report.

CPTI strictly enforces all local, state and federal laws regarding access to this product and customer files are occasionally audited for compliance.

CPTI specializes in aggregating data from disparate database sources from around the world and then subjects that information to our name-matching algorithms, link analysis, other applications. CPTI than displays out the resulting data into a tamplated report that is uniform, consistent and easy to understand.

For the “Cold Hard Facts”, turn to ColdChek™, America’s leading restricted access banking intelligence database source. Should you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 202-237-1500 or email dberlin@coldplanettechnologies.com

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