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ColdPlanet® Technology Examples

Here is an example of some of the content of the CPT database system. Each is a piece of "static intelligence" that rarely changes, different from dynamic data that is updated often:

  1. Passport File
    Every page of ever passport of every country in the world. Banks can now examine a presented passport biometrically and verify the authenticity of any passport presented to them to be certain that it is validly issued and is not a counterfeit. The ColdPlanet® Technology will have the biometric features of every page of every passport within a piece of software that will be compared against the passport as presented and a counterfeit can be easily detected.

  2. Driverís License File
    Every Driverís License of every state of the United States; and every driverís license of every country in the world has now been imaged and can be compared and compared. The ColdPlanet® Technology will have the biometric features of the driverís license itself which is then compared against the driverís license as presented to see whether it is a genuine document.
  3. License Plate Format Index
    Every License Plate of every country in the world has been index so that it can be compared against a single database. A banker can request a photograph of an automobile license plate of the customerís vehicle and check to determine if its pictorial image is correctly formatted for counterfeiting at the first level. Level II allows the banker to see whether it is registered to the customer in question, and how recently.
  4. National Identity Card
    Every National Identity Card of every country in the world has been imaged biometrically and can be compared against one presented by a customer at the first level. Level II allows the banker to actually check the National Identity Card to determine if it was truly issued to the customer who presented it.
  5. US Military Card Identification ICI has scanned each of the Service Branchís military identification cards and has begun the process of gathering copies of all military identification cards of the branch services of the allied forces of the United States, starting first with the EU and then NATO. The biometric qualities of each are to be evaluated and analyzed and entered into the database and when presented with this form of identification, the bank official can have it compared against the ColdPlanet® resource for authentication.
  6. Universal Credit Card Formatting
    Another excellent indicator of risk is the number of credit cards, the names appearing on the cards and how the numbers are formatted. Moreover, their dates of issuance and when they expire. These show the depth of credit and the institution where credit was created in the first instance. The primary contributors to this database are VISA, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and a cluster of Debit Card providers. Each has their own algorithm for authentication of its card and all have been downloaded into its own ColdPlanet® Technology system.

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