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Every page of ever passport of every country in the world. Banks can now examine a presented passport biometrically and verify the authenticity of any passport presented to them to be certain that it is validly issued and is not a counterfeit. The ColdPlanet® Technology will have the biometric features of every page of every passport within a piece of software that will be compared against the passport as presented and a counterfeit can be easily detected.

The ColdPlanet® Technology can show what a genuine Passport looks like, so that a verification of its genuineness can be performed when it is presented by a customer. This can be accomplished using a "Level I" cursory scan that reveals the biometrics of an official document, checks for counterfeit, and verifies its genuine attributes.

To illustrate the technology, the ColdPlanet® database contains all the pages of the Australian Passport, shown below:

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